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Welcome to Bachman Woodworking

Thank you for visiting us! 

At Bachman Woodworking we offer a collection of handcrafted furniture and functional art that reflects the classic designs and structural integrity of America's pioneer handiwork.

    The furniture and gift items you see may be available for immediate delivery. If an item is not in stock we will be happy to reproduce it for you. If you see something you like but want a different wood species, stain, paint color, or molding profile we will try to accommodate you.

    Our customers request a wide variety of personalized work. Sometimes they ask for an exact reproduction of a family heirloom. Other times customers want an interpretation of a piece they admire.

    When creating original work we will draw from our years of experience as producing artists. Whether your furniture choice is a new design you bring to us, or a piece from our collections, every item is unique. From the selection of wood to the last coat of hand applied finish, each piece has a different grain pattern and takes on its own rich patina as the wood ages. Two pieces of furniture may be designed and constructed the same way. They may appear to be twins but certainly not identical.

    Bachman woodworking is committed to offering the best of American handmade crafts. We produce furniture and functional art that is structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing, and uniquely yours.

Shaker Box Making Workshops Available

Of all the Shaker creations the oval box was certainly the most popular product offered to the outside world. The functionality of these pantry boxes provided many opportunities for storage. Not only were they great organizers but they could also be easily transported or tucked away. Boxes were made incrementally so when not in use many boxes could be nested together and reduced into one piece.  Today these simple and functional works of art are highly prized by collectors and a stack of three or more nesting boxes is a pleasure to own.

    John Bachman is excited to offer his Shaker Box Making Workshop!  Join our box making community in the heart of scenic Northern Indiana.  The class runs Friday and Saturday.  Just $50 to register, and $200 at the first class.  Lunch is provided on Saturday.

    Each person enrolled in the class will produce five nesting boxes. There will be short periods of lecture and demonstration but most of the weekend will be a hands-on workshop with plenty of time for questions and personal attention.

    For more details, follow the link below to a PDF from a previous workshop.  If interested in a class date, please contact us. 




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