Artist Bio

John Bachman in his shop.  John Bachman, owner of Bachman Woodworking has been designing and creating custom furniture for over thirty years. In 1978 he began his woodworking career as an apprentice at a local custom furniture shop in Goshen, Indiana. As John's passion for fine woodworking grew he found a niche restoring needy antique furniture. Fascinated by these historical pieces and the intricate care given to their construction, John started incorporating early methods of furniture building into his own creations.

    Today, John's interest in early American furniture has become the major focus of his work. Another on going influence into Bachman Woodworking is John's wife Julie. John and Julie first met at a small Mennonite college where they were students. Julie has an art degree and her discerning eyes are often called upon to critique a newly designed piece of furniture.

    John and Julie's Pennsylvania German roots as well as their faith experience have certainly been an influence in their choice of creative medium. The Pennsylvania Dutch and the eastern Shaker communities were quite enthusiastic and their work offers such a wealth of furniture ideas that John can't resist reproducing these forms of furniture art. He believes the form and function of these early lines of furniture are as relevant today as they were two hundred years ago. Not only are these designs practical but also the simple beauty of many of these early designs fit quite nicely along side more minimal contemporary decors. With today's renewed interest in genealogies and family cultural history, Bachman Woodworking encourages their customers to find a place for the vibrant and masterful art of early America.

    With that said, Bachman Woodworking realizes your interpretation of what is aesthetically pleasing is as unique as yourself and your own life experience.  We are happy to help you create the family heirloom of your choosing. At Bachman Woodworking we work with a passion for detail, using the beauty of wood to create a functional showpiece for your home or business.